Amelia Graham


Amelia Graham’s work crosses the fields of fashion, art, and interiors and shows her deep interest in geometrics and arithmetics. Her distinctive style encapsulates striking rhythmic patterns, drawing on her interest in architecture—particularly Brutalism and Modernism, as well as taking inspiration from African textiles, and the playful use of colour and dynamic form prevalent in postmodernist art.

A graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design, Amelia spent a decade designing womenswear print in London before moving to Paris, freelancing for brands such as Paul & Joe, Topshop and Calvin Klein. Amelia’s work is driven by an innate belief that textile design can transcend the boundaries of fashion and interiors and have universal application. Commissions for international hotels, globally renowned fashion labels and high profile collaborations with product, interior and retail designers, and embroiderers, have allowed her to put this theory into practice.

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