To call her a mere illustrator would not bring justice to the work she creates; Belinda Frikh is more of an alchemist than simply an artist: blending the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau, the timeless beauty of Pre-Raphaelite art and the captivating imagery of the 80s, she begets what we may call the very essence of female sensuality and sexuality. Like their pithy and mercurial creator, her sinewy heroines own their own destiny.

Born in the Annecy region of the French Alps, Belinda studied Fine Art at L’Universite de Beaux Arts and a Masters degree at the Arts Appliques in Lyons. She followed her heart and moved to London where she has since worked as an in-house illustrator for various fashion designers including Julia Clancey and Sonja Nuttal, as well as creating work for corporate clients such as Sony, MTV and Levi’s.

She has exhibited widely across London as well as at Urban in Ibiza and the Alhambra, Geneva. Her work was also included in an art auction at the Houses of Parliament in London alongside other artists such as Banksy and Nick Walker.

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