David Blake is originally from the Midwest, where he was raised on a healthy diet of rock ‘n’ roll and small town boredom. He got his feet wet in the Chicago gallery scene as a self-taught artist, taking on screen printing after studying Andy Warhol and observing early 2000s Parisian street art first-hand.

David’s recent body of work refers to mother nature’s response to a rapidly changing environment and ultimately reflects the interconnectedness between humans and nature. Patterns reflecting elements of nature are injected into the human form while animals are added around the images to stress the interdependent nature of the relationship. Often times the subject appears to be clinging or holding on which is meant to represent our fear of change as well as mother nature’s response to the current threat of climate change.

David has shown his paintings in group exhibitions across the U.S. and Hong Kong, as well as solo exhibitions in Las Vegas, NV and Laguna Beach, CA. David has contributed artworks to fundraisers for the Japanese Red Cross, Wounded Warriors Project, Little Kids Rock and ArtReach. He moved from Chicago to California in 2007 and currently lives in San Clemente, California. DAVID BLAKE WEBSITE

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