Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez is an artist that combines graffiti art, sculpture and oil based paintings to create a fresh cultural expression. A native of Mexicali, Mexico Juan Carlos has over 20 years of artistic experience. Prior to relocating to the United States, Juan Carlos began his artistic endeavors as child by creating sculptures with clay from his native Mexico. His creative talents were eventually influenced by the urban landscape of Los Angeles.

“My current works - which I call “witnesses”, consist of both paintings and sculptures. I refer to these works as “witnesses” because I feel that they are a reflection of the feelings, energy and thoughts that I channel from family and friends. It is a spiritual presence that I feel, especially in the solitude of my studio. The completed works are “witnesses” to the processes and the completion of these works are the ultimate evidence of things not seen”. J.C.M. HERNANDEZ WEBSITE

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