London-based, South African born artist, Jennifer Morrison, creates abstract paintings which deal predominantly with colour and shape and she uses these elements to explore juxtaposition, repetition, movement and rhythm. Although she has lived in London for two decades, the colours of South Africa have never left her and remain a central influence in her work.

Jennifer is interested in weighing accident against deliberation, precision and control against playfulness and abandon. She is an artist that likes to play with material, medium and form and through this, an ‘arrangement’ as Jennifer calls it is created. She enjoys the way that abstraction allows for ambiguity. She doesn’t need or want any definitive answers, preferring meaning, if it is found at all, to be open. Her work is subjectively driven and is guided largely by intuition.

Jennifer has exhibited in London, New York, and Johannesburg where she is represented by Graham’s Fine Art Gallery. Her work is in private and corporate collections around the world including The Graham Beck Private Collection in South Africa and the Holman Fenwick & Willan Corporate collection in London. JENNIFER MORRISON WEBSITE