Kozyndan is a Los Angeles-based team of artist/illustrators known for their digitally painted pencil drawings of contemporary urban cityscapes and surreal interior spaces. Comprised of husband and wife Dan and Kozue Kitchens, Kozyndan creates both fine art and commercial projects.

The talented duo work together producing artistic creations that combine elements of the everyday together with the extraordinary and bizarre. In a world of increasing chaos they strive to make art that will bring a little smile to someone’s face and make people forget, if only momentarily, the world outside. They make intricately surreal works that will have you discovering little details you never saw before months after you purchase a print. Aside from their paintings Kozyndan has also produced illustrations for clothing, shoes, CD covers, magazines and homewares.

Their distinctive designs are increasingly popular and the pair have exhibited exhibited their work in galleries and museums across the U.K., Canada, U.S., New Zealand and Australia. They have also collaborated with a number of international companies such as Playstation, Nike, Puma and The Discovery Channel. KOZYNDAN WEBSIT

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