Lala is a New York based visionary artist who combines the traditional practices of weaving, photography and painting into optically immersive compositions. A believer of parallel realities, she attempts to face the complexity of the universe through thought-free creation and interpret her transcendental experiences onto paper for the waking world.

Lala’s highly interdisciplinary works combine digital art, photography, and craft; fusing digital age iconography with ancient weaving traditions to create a truly unique aesthetic experience. Lala’s work is made by cutting photographs into strips and weaving them back together following intricate patterns of her own design. Lala further blurs boundaries between digital and analog technologies by photographing her computer screen with a macro lens to achieve a pixelated/digital effect with a film camera.This process can take weeks depending on the complexity of the images and weave structures. Many times her work is mistaken for a digital manipulation and the discovery of its true nature by the viewer is integral to the understanding of her process and purpose; to disrupt order, reconstruct historical notions of photography and weaving, and challenge what it means to create something solely for the purpose of creation.

Lala has been part of over 15 group shows, multiple meta-performances, and two immersive exhibitions as well as several highly successful solo exhibitions. She also recently completed an immersive permanent installation at Facebook Headquarters in NYC. LALA ABADDON WEBSITE

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