In her painted and re-photographed work, Lala explores the lines between her many experiences of the waking, dream and daydream world by creating detailed accounts of supernatural and ultra-imagined landscapes. A believer of parallel realities, she attempts to face the complexity of the universe through thought-free creation and interpret her transcendental experiences onto paper for the waking world. Her paintings stand as highly saturated and often chaotic stages to a narrative she will juxtapose with the subjects of her weaves, be it representational or abstract.

In her woven work she integrates many components in her process, capturing her unique images multiple times through a repetitive sequence of traditional analog photographic methods, then arranging the large format prints into precise and deliberate pairings. She continues on to intricately and painstakingly hand cut each print into hundreds of strips and then hand-weave the prints with undulating and complicated patterns designed to convey a specific feeling, eventually leaving us with images within images and compelling the viewer to experience alternate realities or states of being. This process can take months depending on the complexity of the images and weave structures. Many times her work is mistaken for a digital manipulation, and the discovery of it’s true nature by the viewer is integral to the understanding of her process and purpose; to disrupt order, reconstruct historical notions of photography and weaving, and challenge what it means to create something solely for the purpose of creation. LALA ABADDON WEBSITE

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