Olly Howe

Olly Howe exploded onto the contemporary art scene in 2018 and is fast becoming a highly collectable artist, and it’s not hard to see why. His work entangles the beauty of the modern world with that of a more surreal and fantastical existence. Often centred around the female form, though not exclusively, Olly combines abstract natural elements with modern photography, hand drawn and painted motifs, gold leaf and screen printing to create art that not only engages aesthetically but also challenges perception. He enjoys the process of creation, and views it as an organic journey of evolution with an initial idea often blossoming into something completely different from the conception.

A self taught artist, Olly spent many years working in East London in the design industry where he honed his photoshop and design skills. Olly has worked with some of the top illustration agencies in the UK and has shown his work with well known London galleries such as Hang Up, Rise Art, The Contemporary and a group show at ME Hotel London.

Olly Howe profile image