Sarah Graham is a UK based photo-realistic artist whose distinctive oil on canvas paintings celebrate nostalgia and childlike wonderment. Combining vivid colours and realism, Graham favours kitsch images of toys, sweets and adolescent subject matter to create an elusive sense of sheer joy.

Her remarkable talent, dedication and genuine enthusiasm for her craft is reflected in her incredibly detailed work. Sarah will arrange subjects in her studio and take up to two hundred photos before deciding on the right composition. Once arranged, she will use oils to capture light and shadows on her subjects and recreate the blurring seen in objects photographed out-of-focus.

Since stepping into the limelight, Sarah has gone on to feature in exhibitions and private collections across the world. In 2012, she was commissioned by British indie-rock band Kaiser Chiefs to paint the album cover of their singles collection Souvenir. Her work is also owned by Standard Chartered Bank, who commissioned several pieces by Sarah, including a self-portrait, for their vast global collection of contemporary portraits. Her artwork has also featured on the GCSE syllabus, inspiring the next generation of artists and introducing them to the photorealism genre.

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