Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon was a Brighton-based artist who produced strong, colourful Pop Art images of 20th century cultural icons. Simon began painting in 1997 and was influenced by a love of pop culture which went hand-in-hand with a deep interest in twentieth century history. The two combined resulted in what would become Simon’s distinctive aesthetic—big, bold and colourful re-workings of the traditional portrait, referencing 1960s Pop Art.

Musical subcultures, comic and graphic art, film, and sport all bleed into Simons work, allowing modern cultural motifs to combine with retro styles. His vibrant images are timeless and deeply evocative, full of nostalgia as they capture moments across recent history.

Simon’s work can be spotted on the walls of galleries, in group shows, and at selective bars and restaurants, both nationwide and internationally. Following his untimely death in 2017, Simon’s work continues to be lovingly produced by his estate working with Fine Art Guild accredited Eye 4 Colour Printmakers, based in Brighton. During his life Simon exhibited in various galleries in London and his home town of Brighton, such as Art Republic and Naked Eye Gallery.

Simon Dixon profile image