Victoria Topping

Victoria Topping is a British artist who’s mixed media work is heavily influenced by her love of music, from the styling and art direction of 1970s Jazz and Soul to the passion and ebullience of Gospel and Disco. She takes musical aspects and works to synthesize them into a visual form, creating ‘music for the eyes’. Victoria’s bold designs have a joyous spirituality to them that is just irresistible.

Victorias work uses a fusion of technology and traditional techniques from photography, painting, gold-leafing and collage which is then digitally scanned and arranged on the computer, before she works it back into the resulting digital print. Victoria also produces large scale oil paintings and one-off textured collages, so it wasn’t hard to see why her work would be the perfect fit for The House of Artists.

Victoria has collaborated with big names in the music industry producing the visuals for labels such as Yellow Horns, On The Corner Records and Red Bull Music Academy. Victoria studied Illustration at the University of Bristol where she immersed herself in the burgeoning art scene. She has since exhibited her work at the Other Art Fair and at various gallery spaces across London. She also works on historic interiors, digitally recreating wallpapers for some of the most prestigious heritage sites in the UK.

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