Yuliya Martynova

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Yuliya was a promising art student when the Soviet Union collapsed and her creative aspirations had to be put on hold while she focused on a more practical legal career. She moved to London in 2007 and after 8 years working in the engineering and wealth management industries she finally broke free from the corporate world to be a full time artist.

Independence, resilience and fragility are all at the core of Yuliya’s artistic ideology, while delicate structures and strong narratives taken from her observations of human nature form the base of her creative style. Amongst other things, her work contemplates the subject of departure. Parting with somebody or something and the cognitive state of loosing something valuable such as identity, innocence or childhood. Yuliya’s works are mainly in watercolour and she experiments with preserving the unexpected forms and colours achieved with this understated medium. Her paintings have a delicate beauty and dreamlike, almost ethereal quality to them which we just love.

Yuliya has exhibited her work in many group shows in London, Edinburgh and Moscow and has exhibitions planned in New York and Los Angeles. She has collaborated with interior designers and hotel developers, and she has also created artworks for the set decoration on the Marvel movies.

Yuliya Martynova profile image